The Music Hub

We are the South Gloucestershire Music Hub, providing high quality music education and music opportunities to over 6,000 children and young people each week.  

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Bath Conference

Bath Conference

THE conference to expand your teaching horizons and meet other music educators

More about Conference...

Colston Hall Gala

Primary choir at Gala

Find out about our fantastic Gala Concert at the Colston Hall in April

More about Gala...

Music Conference

More details about the Bath (but in Bradford-on-Avon) Conference!

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Start of a new year

Get ready for the start of a new musical academic year by finding out what the Hub can do for you. 

Explore this site, talk to your music teacher, learn a new instrument, extend your skills and your circle of friends by joining a Music Centre, explore new musical styles. There is no end to what you can do. 

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Learn an instrument!

Have you always dreamed of learning to play an instrument? Or to sing better? Then make sure you see your school music teacher, and ask them to arrange for an instrumental teacher to come to your school. The Hub has a huge range of teachers, covering almost every instrument imaginable. It also has many instruments available for hire.

Learn to play or sing

Instrumental teaching is available to junior- and secondary-aged pupils. The Music Hub has a widely experienced team of over 65 Associate Music Teachers offering teaching across a broad range of instruments and voice.

First Access

First Access is a government initiative designed to allow have all children in school to have experience of playing a musical instrument. The experience is delivered to whole classes, and typically consists of weekly sessions. 

Our Music Centres

Our three music centres give children and young people vital musical opportunities to make music together in bands, orchestras and choirs. Flute players can also enjoy a programme tailored to their experience.

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